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SafeNet has been selected as Raytheon’s exclusive partner to deliver RShield™, and to accelerate the release of this cybersecurity solution to organizations responsible for protecting extremely sensitive data.

“In just the past few months, the industry has seen a significant evolution in the threat landscape,” said Steve Hawkins, vice president of Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems’ Information Security Solutions business. “Organizations with the most sensitive data are being strategically targeted. We chose SafeNet to help market RShield because of the company’s long track record of protecting data for the most security-conscious entities.”

RShield analyzes email attachments and embedded URLs by rapidly routing email to virtualized “detection farms” where it is opened and observed for malicious activity. RShield has detected and stopped thousands of attacks including numerous zero-day attacks — attacks that would have evaded firewalls, desktop anti-virus and other conventional security solutions.

RShield Features and Benefits:

  • Behavior-based detection that can identify advanced zero-day malware that signature-based solutions miss
  • Interoperates with existing mail infrastructures
  • Scalable to the largest enterprise networks
  • Operates in active IPS or passive IDS mode
  • Advanced detection methods and algorithms operate in faster than real-time clock speeds
  • Extensible detection framework allows end-user extensions to detection methods
  • Automated forensics collection for malicious files
  • Workflow driven processes decrease malware analysis time

You can find more information about RShield on the Raytheon web site, or in some of the news articles that have been published about the solution.

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