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Here are some of the top Tweets from last week’s #securechat. The topic was “Privacy – Do Web Browsers & Search Engines Go Too Far?” The discussion questions guiding the chat were:

Q1: Does your browser or search engine make suggestions or have personalized ads based on your browsing history? Tell us what browser or search engine you’re using

johnRquinn: For those unfamiliar with remarketing, heres an overview: Works really well.

Q2: Are you ok with the amount of info browsers & search engines collect on your online habits?

grecs: Overall privacy is lost cause. If U want to interact with world today, U have to accept U have no privacy.

Q3: Are there benefits to personalized ads & suggestions? When is it ok with you?

jenatsafenet: If I’m already on a site like Amazon, I’m ok with suggesting other products. Just gets weird on 3rd party sites.

kcgeek: Never. Like the wise Bill Hicks once said “all marketing people should just kill themselves” :) I gest.

Q4: Where is the line between browsers and search engines being helpful vs. invading your privacy?

securitytrends: Helpful = Nearest CVS/Walgreens. Suggesting brands of male enlargement pills at CVS = Invasion of privacy.

EnzOnInfoSec: If I cannot opt-out (EASILY), it is past the line.

grecs: @EnzOnInfoSec Lol, if everything was opt-in … no one would opt-in.

JohnRQuinn: Companies that collect my data other than to benefit me are over the line. Apps do this, sometimes.

Q5: What can you do to increase your privacy?

securitytrendsA5 – Live under a rock. Next question…. There are forensic tools out there to dig out treasure trove of info. Clearing history, cookies do only so much.

EnzOnInfoSec: you can use stateless virtual machines to browse, Tails OS, Tor, etc. but what the heck fun is that!

russdietz: While there are good tools and plug-ins to stop most covert collections, many folks that collect data go around to prevent poor user experience.

You can read the full transcript at (just click the Transcript tab).

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