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screw loose blogBrian Katz wrote an excellent blog post on the importance of changing our thinking of HOW we secure data: You want me to do what?!? A mobile strategy challenge! He advocates that, with the increased consumerization of IT, BYOD, etc, organizations can’t just update systems, they need to do a complete overhaul.

Mainly, orgs need to encrypt data so it can be accessed from any device without compromising security.  The legacy ideas of “securing the endpoint” just aren’t going to work any more.

“The challenge is to use the Consumerization of IT to go with a whole new approach. It’s time to let the data flow free and give it the opportunity to live everywhere. Build APIs that allow people to access the data that they need on whatever device they want to use. Work on moving away from managing the devices by completely locking them down and move towards securing the data. Work on ways to encrypt the data while it lies on site. When it moves out of its repository and through the intertubes that we call the web it flows through secure tunnels (notice I didn’t say VPN) and when it arrives at its final destination, whether it be desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, the data is encrypted while at rest. Build the keys into the apps that you design to use that data. Use 2-factor authentication by using certificates to enable access to the data. What happens if one loses the device? Revoke the keys. Render the data unusable. Instead of using everything in your arsenal to essentially make many peoples’ jobs harder, help them to embrace the Consumerization of IT by changing the way you think about your assets. You have two important assets, your data and your people. Stop focusing on devices, endpoints and ways that data can be stolen, instead, look to enable your people to use use your data to affect the progress of moving your organization forward.

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