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By SafeNet’s Chris Holland, VP of Cloud Services and Cryptocard’s Jason Hart, VP of Cloud Solutions

Individually, Cryptocard and SafeNet are both well-respected authentication solution providers. Together, they provide organizations around the globe with unparalleled options in technology and consumption models.

Cryptocard is identified by Gartner as a Visionary player in the authentication market, primarily for its authentication service and its unique capabilities oriented towards Service Providers.  That same report (2012 Magic Quadrant for User Authentication) identified SafeNet as the market Leader in terms of both execution and vision. Bringing these two organizations together strengthens both companies.  It gives Cryptocard a global reach, and gives SafeNet proven cloud technology, and for both companies at a rate faster than either could have achieved independently.

With the breadth of the SafeNet portfolio and global footprint, combined with the Multi-Tier, Multi-Tenant Authentication-as-a-Service offering from Cryptocard, together we can now serve many segments of the market with on premise, cloud, mobile and certificate-based authentication options.

The need for strong authentication either for compliance reasons or common sense business practices is represented by demand and growth for an authentication-as-a-service delivery model (predicted by Gartner to be 70% of the authentication market by 2017).  Being able to deliver secure solutions more effectively to smaller organizations through services and service provider-oriented solutions helps more organizations achieve compliance more effectively – as well as helping smaller organizations realize the benefits of securing their intellectual property and critical IT assets.

As compliance mandates reach more broadly across organizations of all sizes, broad and flexible solutions like those delivered by SafeNet + Cryptocard are essential in helping small, medium and large business effectively and easily implement solutions.  All of these organizations can benefit from instant provisioning, utility-based costing  and the convenience, ease of use, and simplicity of the “as a service” platform.

As we integrate and leverage these two strong and successful technologies, we expect to be able to deliver even greater value to the market the benefits of innovation and through enhancing the convenience and access options to customers.

Chris Holland, VP Cloud Services

About the authors:

Chris Holland, VP of Software Rights Management, is responsible for enhancing the value the company brings to customers thorough new product developments. He oversees product development and marketing. Chris joined SafeNet in March 2004, after the acquisition of Rainbow Technologies.

Jason Hart, VP Cloud SolutionsJason Hart now serves as SafeNet’s VP of Cloud Solutions. He served as Cryptocard’s Managing Director of EMEA since the March 2006 merger of Cryptocard and WhiteHat Consulting Ltd. With a background in ethical hacking Jason brings a unique perspective to the Cryptocard/ SafeNet organization.

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