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This week, SafeNet is participating in the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) All About the Cloud conference. As part of the conference, SIIA interviewed SafeNet CEO Chris Fedde about the role of IT in cloud computing, specifically as more and more companies move from the virtual datacenter or private clouds to a hybrid cloud environment.

Here are some excerpts from the interview, but you can read the full article on the SIIA web site.

…the strategy will be for the hybrid cloud to continue a shift away from the private infrastructure in to the public infrastructure.  The hybrid will be more public.  Mobile and remote access, instant provisioning and more manageable IT costs provide inevitable momentum that will force the market to deliver solutions to the problems around governance and compliance of data.

Software startups today rarely consider developing software for on-premise deployment – because they know that business will prefer to acquire new solutions and innovations as a service.  Large businesses today already rely on cloud based collaboration, CRM, payroll, accounting, data archival, anti-spam and anti-malware technologies.  The next wave will come in the form of more generalized desktop applications such as presentation, document editing and, importantly email solutions.  Cloud based solutions naturally solve problems of access in every corner of the globe and on every device.

These trends also reduce the complexity and costs of managing software licenses.  SafeNet helps companies manage licensing for the products they build – their customers also have to manage the costs and complexities of the licenses they consume.  The ability to be nimble and to shift software platforms are hampered not only by data migration, secuirty and training factors – but also because of license agreements that entrap companies financially.  Moving to cloud based software solutions reduces the financial constraints of traditional on premise software – and greatly relieves the burden of managing deployed software.  Cloud based software solutions provide easy, centralized and instantly variable options – they also shift the compliance burden on to the vendor and away from the customer – relieving customers from the constraints of an audit and so on. 

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