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By Todd Moore, VP Federal Product Management

Government Security

With the Government Solutions divestiture completed, SafeNet is ready to sharpen its focus (read the press release) on its data protection and rights management portfolios. I know this raises a lot of questions for our government customers, so I’ve tried to answer some of them here.

Q: Are you deemphasizing the federal business?

A: Absolutely not. Cybersecurity is a huge focus for the federal government, and supporting federal governments and agencies remains a priority for SafeNet. We’re just redirecting our energies into commercial products. We’ve found that more and more agencies are turning to off-the-shelf solutions because of cost, and the fact that today’s commercial solutions are robust enough to meet the criteria of federal agencies. SafeNet will continue to provide government customers with its high-assurance data protection solutions and delivering the strong authentication, key management, information sharing, and intelligent encryption necessary to protect critical data as the government migrates from traditional stand-alone government products to high-assurance, layered solutions.

Q: In your view, what are the main challenges facing government customers today?

A: Our government customers are struggling with the same things that plague our commercial customers: cost, efficiency, and control of their data. They’re optimizing datacenters by moving workloads into the cloud, and they need to maintain control, enforce policies, and prove compliance no matter where their data resides.

Q: How is SafeNet helping customers address those challenges?

A: We’ve made a conscious effort to build our commercial products to meet the strict standards set forth by both federal and industry regulations. PCI-DSS, HIPAA, “Cloud First” and other mandates have adopted the federal government’s standards for high-assurance protection, so we’ve built them into our typically “commercial” products.  This means that SafeNet’s solutions already meet many of the standards for government agencies without the high cost and time to build Type 1 products from the ground up. Many of our products are already FIPS140-2 certified and are listed on GSA schedules.  For example, StorageSecure, ProtectV, KeySecure, MDeX (cross domain), Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and our authentication products are all available on GSA and meet many of the stringent government requirements today.

Right now, agencies can use SafeNet smart cards for secure logical and physical access, SafeNet ProtectV to encrypt their data in the cloud or on VMware, and SafeNet KeySecure to manage all those encryption keys, while storing and creating the keys in a high-assurance hardware appliance.

Q: What is your strategy for the federal vertical going forward?

A: The federal vertical remains a key industry for SafeNet. We have built strong partnerships with agencies and distributors over the years who respect our company and trust our technology. That isn’t going to change. SafeNet is simply shifting its focus from custom-built technologies to mass-appeal solutions that meet stringent security requirements for a variety of industries, including the federal government. Agencies are looking for ways to save time and money without compromising security, and SafeNet’s solutions help them do that.

We have a strong team that is focused on bringing the best products to market to meet both commercial and government customer needs.  This will not change based on the recent divesture.  Our 30 year history of working with the government has instilled strong security “awareness” into our company culture from product development through production to follow-on support. We’re able to quickly meet government requirements by leveraging existing technologies to meet specific Gov needs. This approach helps our federal customers meet time to market, cost and security targets by “reusing” off-the-shelf commercial products.

Government customers will continue to come to SafeNet because of our expertise, experience, and passion for building the most secure product solutions. In return, SafeNet will continue to listen to federal customers to develop product features to meet specific mission requirements.

Learn more about SafeNet’s government security strategy, products, and solutions at

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