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There are several well-known truths about data encryption, according to IDC analyst Christian Christiansen:*

  1. The best way to protect data is to encrypt it.
  2. Data is only as safe as the keys encrypting it.
  3. Storing keys in hardware, such as a hardware security module (HSM) is the recommended best practice.
  4. Hardware appliances lack the agility and flexibility required in virtual and cloud environments.

“Well-known Truths” #1-3 have helped make SafeNet one of the leading HSM providers.  However, it is “Truth #4” that is challenging our customers who want to move more of their data and applications into virtual environments, but can’t do it cost effectively with the tools HSM vendors have provided them.

Until now.

That’s the entire premise of SafeNet’s new Crypto Hypervisor. It takes the attributes and benefits of the hardware appliance and abstracts the HSM to work in a virtual and cloud environment, allowing organizations  to securely store and manage encryption keys, in abstracted hardware the same way they manage the rest of their virtual environment.

In essence, what the VMware hypervisor did for servers and desktops, the Crypto Hypervisor does for key vaulting and crypto services. It allows organizations to “spin up” and centrally manage hundreds of virtual HSMs, add partitions for multi-tenancy, and gives users the ability to select the services they need from an online catalog- which can be delivered in minutes.

This evolution of cryptographic hardware allows organizations to offer clear separation of control, creating separation between administrative duties and users operational control. And, of course, it’s all built on the field-proven FIPS certified and Common Criteria validated (in progress) Luna SA hardware security module.

Consolidating and provisioning crypto services has never been easier in private, hybrid or public cloud environments. Watch the demo below to see for yourself how SafeNet is changing the game when it comes to delivering consolidated high-assurance key-vaulting and other crypto services in a virtual world.

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