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To make xStream into a leading enterprise-class cloud orchestration system, Virtustream brought in SafeNet data protection solutions to give enterprise customers security and control of their data. While Virtustream has been using SafeNet’s authentication solutions for almost two years, they’re increasing their cloud security offering to include SafeNet ProtectV and KeySecure for encryption of virtual images and key vaulting in the cloud.

“Security is part of our genome,” explained Gregsie Leighton, CISSP and Chief Security Architect at Virtustream. “We created an enterprise-class cloud solution, and a core component is enabling control and compliance. This means encryption for data at rest and in motion.”

And of course, whenever you implement encryption, it’s important to store those encryption keys in a secure key vault.

“ProtectV is able to protect the VM instance, and the encryption keys are stored securely with KeySecure,” said Chen Arbel, Director of Business Development at SafeNet. “SafeNet solutions protect data regardless of where it resides, affording separate security administration duties, enforcing granular controls, and establishing clear accountability with audit trails and compliance reporting. And xStream customers can easily scale the use of encryption in very large, dynamic cloud environments.”

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle was making sure that Virtustream’s customers not only have access to encryption, key vaulting and authentication, but are able to decide where to implement that security based on their own needs. Since different types of data are subject to different regulations and corporate policies, Virtustream wanted to make sure that each organization could easily add as little or as much security as needed to protect their data in the cloud.

“We automated processes within the xStream portal so that SafeNet’s security solutions are part of the ecosystem,” Gregsie said. “That automation cuts down on manual labor, reduces human error, and makes our customers lives easier.

“ProtectV, KeySecure and SafeNet Authentication Service give our customers more assurance into their data security throughout the data lifecycle – from creation through deletion.”

You can find out more about Virtustream’s xStream at

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