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Many organizations recognize that a data center consolidation via cloud offerings and virtualization could have a variety of benefits, including an improvement to management efficiency and cost savings. However, there are a number of issues that can prevent companies from unlocking the full potential of a consolidation.

In a recent survey of IT and security professionals, SafeNet explored the obstacles and security concerns surrounding data center consolidation and virtualization. Check out the results in our new infographic.

SafeNet Data Center Consolidation Infographic

Stats of Note from This Infographic:

  • Only one-fifth of survey respondents are currently encrypting data in virtualized environments.
  • Three-quarters of respondents store encryption keys in software, essentially leaving the house keys under the mats.
  • 58.2% of participants indicated that globally they have less than five people involved with encryption management.
  • 74% of IT and security professionals are looking for solutions that support compliance and security. Of those, 59% are struggling with auditing their current data center estates.

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